Dates and venues for Season 2017/18

Midland Fixture List Sep 17 to Apr 18  - View Info

Wollaton Park Timetable

12.30                     U11 Girls

12:40                     U11 Boys

12:50                     U13 Girls

13:05                     U13 Boys

                                U15 Girls

13:25                     U15 Boys

                                U17 Women

13:45                     U17 Men

13:50                     Senior/Junior/Veteran Women

14:20                     Senior/Junior/Veteran Men



Date  - Venue

14th October:  Derby: 
Markeaton Park
11th November: Corby:
Glebe Park
2nd December: Heanor:
Shipley Park

13th January: Nottingham:
Wollaton Park
Course Map

Timetable: Altered slightly from previous years
Time Event Distance
12:40pm U11 Girls  
12:50pm U11 Boys  
1pm u13 Boys and u15 Girls 3.5km
1.15pm u15 Boys and u17 Women 4.5km
1.25pm Sen/Jun/Vet Women 6.0km
1.55pm Sen/Jun/Vet Men 10.0km
2.40pm u17 Men 6.0km
2.50pm u13 Girls 3.0km
All distances are approximate

Fees are paid annually by the clubs and are charged on a team basis.,there are no individual fees. A fee is charged for each age group team entered and covers the whole of the season of four races. Fees become due at the first race of the season and must be paid before the second race.
Age Group Fees
U11 Girls £15 per team
U13 Girls £15 per team
U15 Girls £15 per team
U17 Ladies £15 per team
Senior / U20 Ladies £20 per team
Veteran Ladies £20 per team
U11 Boys £15 per team
U13 Boys £15 per team
U15 Boys £15 per team
U17 Men £15 per team
Senior / U20 Men £25 per team
Veteran Men £20 per team